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Murphy´s Law

Well, one of the Murphy´s Laws says: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I hope this blog is not such case.

I decided to present you the Czech recipes I have cooked so far. I was born in the Czech Republic and do still live here, although I have lived for shorter or longer time in Germany or UK. I will try to do my best to write the recipes in both units, continental and US. So, you can easily use the recipes. And the reason for this blog? I have looked through the Net and found that a lot of people show interest in Czech food but they complain about the recipes. The original Czech ones are published in a difficult format or with lots of mistakes hence unusable. The ones published by Americans with Czech origins are many times not Czech anymore, not to blame anybody. So I will try to do my best and show you the real Czech food as it was cooked even by my grandmothers and the contemporary one too.